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Coastal Access

With scenery that inspires works of fiction and journeys across the continent, the Sonoma and Mendocino County coastline is a haven for adventuring souls. Nothing here is short of inspiring and spectacular, and residents and visitors of this seaside utopia may enjoy anything and everything they enjoy. What Sonoma County offers most of all is coastal access.

Choose Your Destination

the sea ranch coastline

Sea Ranch Public Access Trail

Spanning a nearly 8-mile stretch along the breathtaking Pacific coastline — and accessing The Sea Ranch, the acclaimed and timeless “utopia by the sea” — these winding trails showcase the area’s pristine and unspoiled natural beauty, allowing for several distinct and awe-inspiring perspectives of this incredible slice of paradise.

Create your own utopia and experience these trails and access points:

  • Black Point Beach
  • Bluff Trail
  • Marine Preserve
  • Salal Trail
  • Shell Beach — boat launch dirt ramp beach access
  • Smugglers Cove
  • Stengal Beach
  • Walk On Beach

a coastal trail at the sea ranch

Sea Ranch Chapel

There is no better place for renewal of mind, soul, body, and spirit than the inspirational scenery and secluded setting of The Sea Ranch Chapel. Sunrise to sunet and open daily, the chapel — a gift from Sea Ranch residents Robert and Betty Buffum — is a key feature that every resident, regardless of denomination, may enjoy.

The Sea Ranch

Explore the local culture far removed from the city. At The Sea Ranch, your day is unhindered by the hustle and bustle of crowded cities; in addition to this freedom of leisure, you can enjoy adventures every day with access to these community amenities:

  • 40 miles of trails
  • Equestrian Center
  • Posh Squash Garden
  • TSRA Airport
  • Gualala River
  • pools
  • tennis courts
  • Del Mar Center activities

Gualala Beaches and Public Access

Discover the unspoiled beauty of Sonoma County at Gualala Point Regional Park, a delightful blend of seaside charm and inland beauty, coastal forest and wide-open spaces. Discover the inspiring beauty of this area as you hike the coastal trails and explore the Gualala River.

Public access to the beach is available at Gualala Beach Trail and Cooks Beach.

Anchor Bay Beach and Campground

Since 1925, Anchor Bay has been the choice destination for residents and visitors, offering tranquil views of stately redwoods and the vast Pacific Ocean and making this beach the perfect area for camping, hiking, fishing, abalone diving, kayaking, and more.

Another popular point of exploration and outdoor enjoyment is Gualala River Redwood Park, which offers camping, picnicking, and access to the sea by way of the river.

Point Arena Beaches and National Monument

The unspoiled charm, grace, and ethereal beauty of the Sonoma County coast is preserved for generations to come as the protected California Coastal National Monument. Coastal access here is available at these points:

  • Hearn Gulch
  • Schooner Gulch Beach
  • Bowling Ball Beach
  • Moat Creek
  • Moat Creek Trail
  • The Cove
  • Stornetta Lands and Trails
  • Point Arena Lighthouse
  • Garcia River
  • Manchester KOA
  • Manchester State Beach

Point Arena & Gualala

There are a plethora of activities you can enjoy in the Point Arena and Gualala areas — mushroom hunting, mountain biking, surfing, diving, and fishing are just a few — and there is nothing short of stunning in the views and nothing short of exciting in the outdoor adventures that you can have.

Create your own adventure in the Point Area and Gualala area; capture treasured memories and explore the local culture at these points of interest:

  • Annapolis Winery
  • Boat launch at Anchor Bay and Cove
  • B. Bryan Preserve
  • Fort Ross
  • Gualala Art Center
  • Pacific Healing Arts
  • Point Arena Lighthouse & Museum
  • Sea Ranch Chapel
  • Windy Hollow Farm

Arts & Entertainment

The excitement of coastal access does not end at these attractions. Local art galleries, community events, wineries, restaurants, theaters, and other special places make the Mendocino and Sonoma coast one-of-a-kind.