Point Arena

Point Arena: Eclectic and Enchanting

There is something truly special about Point Arena. Often described as eclectic and bohemian, this coastal town is acclaimed for its breathtaking natural beauty and the now-open-to-the-public Stornetta Public Lands, but it is more than just a destination for a roadtrip. It is a thriving community full of interesting people from different backgrounds, who not only appreciate the landscape but who create a community-centered atmosphere worth experiencing.


Point Arena’s Treasured Lifestyle

Everything in Point Arena seems to have an innate enchanting quality about it, as if this paradise on the Mendocino County coastline was a town separate from the changing landscape of the rest of the nation. And to some extent, it is. Residents from all backgrounds who have discovered this bohemian community have chosen its lifestyle as their own, celebrating with their friends and neighbors and helping preserve the historical and natural beauty this coastal town offers.

The Lighthouse

Point Arena Light Station is the tallest lighthouse on the Pacific Coast, rising peacefully into the calm skies and standing watch over the area. You have the opportunity to climb this historic monument to the top, where you can access the lantern room and gaze at the panoramic views of Point Arena’s unspoiled coastline and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean beyond.

The Cove

Launch a boat into the ebbing and flowing tides, cast your line from the pier, or paddle out to meet the waves. The Arena Cove — home to the municipal fishing pier, a seafood restaurant, coffee house, and gift shop — is a popular destination for boating, fishing, surfing, and wildlife watching. Gray whales, brown pelicans, osprey, albatross, river otters, and seals love the cove, too.

The Outdoors

Memorable views of rugged shores, deep blue waters, and the distant horizon greet visitors of Point Arena’s breathtaking beaches, the most notable of which is Bowling Ball Beach. Named for the fascinating round stones — Concretions — that dot the shoreline, this beach presents yet another example of the unspoiled, undiscovered, unparalleled Point Arena.

Other beaches, coastal access points, and outdoor attractions found in Point Arena include:


The Stornetta Public Lands

Just north of Point Arena, the Stornetta Public Lands — more than 1,100 acres of Point Arena’s classic charm, filled with wetlands, waterfowl, cypress groves, seals, and a small island accessible at low tide — cover two miles of pristine Pacific coastline and present a new daytime destination for visitors and residents alike.


Discover Your Niche in Point Arena

Point Arena’s enchanting natural beauty, though a top reason why people journey to the coastal town, is not the only reason to adore this community. Residents here are welcoming, and the town is centered on the bonds between neighbors. Annual celebrations, like Independence Day Street Fair and Harbor & Seafood Festival, tie residents together, but so do the key features around town.

The hub of the Point Arena community is the Arena Theater, a restored Art Deco movie theater that not only shows recent films but also hosts live events: performances by contemporary folk artists and local musicians, “Blues on the Coast” concert series, musicals, and more.

There is the Roots Herbal Apothecary, schools (pre-12), doctor’s office, dentist’s office, and library, as well as local restaurants and hangouts 215 MainFranny’s Cup & SaucerUneda Pizza and Arena Market and Co-op. These are the things that truly connect residents in the day-to-day, from a simple “hello” in passing to deeper conversations over coffee.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the community-centered nature of Point Arena — and its natural beauty, of course — for yourself. We want to show you the many reasons residents fall in love with this enchanting town. Give me a call at 707-972-8463.