More About Me

Elizabeth Kreck is a highly experienced real estate professional with over 16 years in the field, bringing a wealth of knowledge of the coastal communities and their unique characteristics to her clients. As a specialist in coastal properties in The Sea Ranch, Gualala, Point Arena, and Irish Beach, Elizabeth offers deep insight into the area, making her the go-to realtor for anyone seeking to buy or sell in these areas. She is known for her attention to detail, honesty, and helpful demeanor, and provides personalized service to build lasting relationships with both buyers and sellers.

Elizabeth's combination of marketing expertise and creative eye, along with her use of technology, sets her apart as a realtor. She showcases properties in a way that truly captures their essence, providing a virtual experience for buyers that will captivate them. Her commitment to ensuring a smooth buying or selling process makes her a well-rounded realtor, equipped to help anyone achieve their real estate goals.

As a seasoned realtor with a passion for helping others, Elizabeth is eager to assist you with your real estate needs. With her focus on coastal properties, attention to detail, and helpful nature, she is the perfect partner to ensure a seamless buying or selling process. Elizabeth looks forward to working with you and helping you achieve your real estate goals.